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About Costal Cartilage


About Costal Cartilage

ROKIT Healthcare provides an optimal costal cartilage product for patients in need of organ transplantation. All cartilage from donors are processed with patented Allowash technologies that have a history of more than 10 years of safe use at hospitals.

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Product source Rib Cartilage
Storage Method Keep frozen condition(below -40 celcius)

Soft Tissue Reconstruction

Plastic Surgery (PS)

  • Harvested and processed in sterile conditions and aseptic techniques.
  • Through its cleaning, disinfection and rising regimens, Allowash® removes greater than99% of bone marrow and blood elements from the internal matrix of bone, the environment where viruses usually thrive.
  • Excellent bio compatibilities (pursuant to the highest industrial standards)
  • Width, Length ±1mm margin of error
  • Provided to more than 50 plastic surgery

Supplied by U.S. TOP 3 tissue manufacturer distributing more than 60,000 tissues.
Manufacturers’ 30 years of expertized and experienced technologies Best quality and delivery systems Signed MOU with manufacturer for coastal cartilage research collaborations.