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About DFU Platform



A Patient-Customized Treatment for Closure of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers with 4D-biofabrication

The key of Diabetic foot ulcer treatment:

When we heard diabetic foot ulcer, we become panic and have fear of amputating our foot. In order to prevent diabetic patients from cutting their lower extremities, ROKIT Healthcare developed an "autologous diabetic skin regeneration solution" using 4D-biofabrication technology. Compared to existing treatments (i.e. dressing, decompression therapy, skin grafting, etc.) Our "autologous diabetic skin regeneration solution" provide customized skin regeneration therapy that has no immune rejection, using bio-ink extracted from a patient's own adipose tissue.

  • Can be treated directly with the patient's own fat tissue.

    Replace skin graft surgery that damages another part of the body.

    Provide fast regeneration effect and customized treatment that fits skin loss area.

ROKIT Healthcare 4D-Bio Printer, INVIVO®

4D Bio printing is the three-dimensional and curved printing technique to fabricate biomedical parts combining cells, growth factors, and biomaterials. INVIVO® from ROKIT Healthcare is a 4D bio printer which has a built-in clean chamber as the same condition with an incubator. INVIVO has been imported to 25+ countries in advancing research labs in tissue engineering, material engineering, drug testing, 3D tissue and disease modeling and clinical trials. In 2019, ROKIT Healthcare launched skin regeneration platform service based 4D bio printing to cure patient who is suffering from diabetic foot ulcer. Autologous-Diabetic Skin Regeneration Global Clinical Trial Project

Autologous-Diabetic Skin Regeneration Global Clinical Trial Project

ROKIT Healthcare is the world’s leading 3D bio-printing platform corporation, who believes that ageing is NOT a natural process or maturation. We now introduce a new paradigm and our fundamental goal to resolve the ageing problem. We unify the modern medical technology with a new technological innovation to discover the treatment of ageing.
ROKIT Healthcare’s Global DFU (Diabetic foot ulcer) team has successfully completed the human clinical trials in India and we will continue to enlarge our paradigm by performing the clinical trials in South Korea, Europe, North America, and East Asia. As a result, not only the number DFU patients will significantly decrease, but their quality of life will also improve.