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About HumaTein


ECM: HumaTein

Human primary cell-derived ECM, HumaTein HumaTein is a combined word of Human and Protein that delivers instinctive recognition of its origin, human protein. We isolate whole ECM without harsh chemical processing to preserve essential ECM components including growth factors and cytokines.

Human iPSC culture on HumaTein coating

We cultured human iPSC on both HumaTein and on a control whole ECM. PCR result suggests that Oct-4 and Sox2 expression is equivalent to that of the control

Colon organoid using HumaTein (1㎎/㎖)

Colon organoid cultured for 23 days

HUVEC Migration Assay

We tested endothelial cell migration assay, and the result indicates that HumaTein powder shows significant migration.

HumaTein™ Lines

  • HumaTein™ Essential Matrix (10mg/ml) 50mg | 100mg | 100mg*5

    HumaTein™ MSC (10mg/ml) 50mg | 100mg

    HumaTein™ Vascular Matrix (10mg/ml) 30mg | 60mg

    HumaTein™ Muscular Matrix (10mg/ml) 30mg | 60mg

The effect of HumaTein on autophagy in Fibroblast

The effect of HumaTein on autophagy in Fibroblast